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Thanks For The Support During The Last 7 Months. It Has Been Greatly Appreciated!

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Latest News

Thank You, Your Support Has Been Greatly Appreciated
It’s been a very difficult time for everyone over the last 7 months, it’s a situation that we could never have seen happening, a situation that you only ever see in a movie not in real life! Covid-19 has come into all our lives without asking permission and it appears to be rapidly leaving behind a silent trail of chaos, sweeping away everyone’s plans, projects, and security.

During the last 7 months, and especially these last 4 to 5 weeks, it’s been a time of confusion and stress for us all at the Star Swimming Academy. We have had permanent and temporary pool closures at some of the venues we operate from. Just when we thought we had the green light to start up again, and were looking forward to getting back into the pool with our students and seeing their happy and smiling faces again the rug was pulled from under our feet in many of the pool venues we operate from.

There where many times when we thought we were not going to survive over those 7 months and more so the last couple of weeks, there were so many times we thought how are we going to explain this to the parents who have entrusted their money with us, along with the many adults that take lessons with us. There were times when we thought we would drown in the pool of confusion that the Covid-19 crisis has brought upon us and the other businesses that have suffered. There were times when we thought that we would become another casualty of the economic disaster that has caused businesses to close once and for all.

However during these times, we have had our Guardian Angels looking after us. They have supported us from day one of this crisis and helped us keep our heads above water. These Guardian Angels are the parents of children and adults that we teach! You have not complained once, during all the confusion with starting and stopping the lessons. You have not complained when we have had to ask you all to consider moving from one venue to another! You have all helped us get through these difficult times. Once again we cannot thank you all enough!

We are very grateful because without your support and kindness, we did not think we would have a business!

Today we see pools in the Leisure Centres and Gyms we operate from open again, behind the scenes we are working hard to get the lessons up and running again! Hopefully, very soon we can get back into the water and see everyone’s happy and smiling faces again in every venue we operate from.

Warmest Regards

Will Kildare and all the team at the Star Swimming Academy.

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