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Academy FAQ

How do I enrol a child or myself in a Learn to Swim class?
Please visit our ‘Classes and Venues’ pages, choose the most appropriate venue and you will find a contact email. Please note that because of our popularity, you may be placed on the waiting-list
How long is the waiting list?
The waiting list can vary in length and is also dependant on the ability of the child. We will advise you of the current situation when we reply to your query.
At what age can children start?
We have instructed children as young as 6 months on a one to one basis. Age is not an issue with us!
What if my child isn't a complete beginner?
If you want your child to attend swimming lessons but are unsure of what level they should be enrolled into, we will arrange an assessment which lasts approximately 5-10 minutes so that your child is given the appropriate swimming instruction.
When are the lessons?
The lessons are throughout the week after school, also Saturday’s and Sundays. Please refer to our ‘Classes and Venues’ page for more information.
What if the time is not suitable?
If you can’t make the lesson time at a specific time or location, please call Tracy Riley on 0759 203 1483 as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find you a suitable time for your child’s ability.
How much do lessons cost?
When contacting us for the first time, you will be given information on costs of the lessons. Costs vary from venue to venue. Lessons are payable in full at enrolment (each 6 week course).
How long do lessons last?
Each individual lesson lasts for 30 minutes.
How many children in each class?
On average there are 10 children per class. Additionally there may be up to 2+ instructors teaching the class.
Who are the instructors?
We have different instructors on different days. All teachers are highly qualified to Swim England standard Levels 1 and 2, in teaching swimming and have full Enhanced DBS checks in place. All instructors will work with your children and assess their ability to achieve their best.
Can I watch?
Yes, there is a spectators’ gallery in the venues where are classes are held. Please get your child changed and take them through to the poolside where an intructor will greet you and take charge of your child. Please ensure that you are on the poolside before the lesson is due to end to collect your child from a member of the Star Swimming Academy team.
What awards will they get?
Students are given awards based on the the National Plan for Teaching Swimming. This plan has a range of levels which your child will progresses through. Beginners start on stage 1 and work their way through each level. For more information – see our ‘Learning to Swim’ page or ask at the Star Swimming Academy reception desk at the venue where your child’s class is held.
Will they get a certificate?

After your child has been assessed at a level, they will be awarded a badge and certificate.

Please be aware, your child will only pass the level if they have completed all of the skills to the correct standard which is determined by their instructor.

How do I re-enrol onto the next set of lessons?
After the 5th lesson you will be informed that the course fees for the next block of lessons is due the following week.
What if I miss the pay-by date?
If you miss the pay-by date or have trouble paying the new class fees please speak to Tracy and we’ll sort something out for you. Please note your child will not miss out on any future classes as your child’s enjoyment of swimming matters to us!
Still got questions?
You’ve got to be joking or a big banana tongue-out.  Seriously though, if you still have any questions, send us an email via our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to asap.

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Over the years the Star Swimming Academy has supported many good causes in and out of the pool. Here you will find about some of the causes close to our hearts!

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