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  • To help you complete the information above, please read the following:

    Date of Birth

    Please enter the 'Date of Birth' of the person taking swimming lessons in the following format: 00/00/00.

    Medical Information

    Please detail any important medical information that we need to know about you, your child or children. Let us know about any allergies, medical conditions for example: asthma, epilepsy, orthopedic problems, any current medication and or any Injuries

    If you or your child/children you are registering above do not have any medical issues, please state 'N/A' in the Medical Information Field(s) above.

    Chosen Class

    Please input the information in the above field as per the email that was sent to you from us after your initial enquiry.

    If a class is not suitable/available please input 'Put on Waiting List'.